Drop hammer forging is a metalworking process that uses two dies, one stationary and one attached to a moving ram, to shape a preheated metal billet.

The ram brings the upper die down onto the lower die, delivering a set number of blows to deform the hot metal.

The number of blows needed depends on the item being forged. The final shape of the forged product is determined by the cavity in the dies.

Advantages Of Drop Hammer Forging

Drop hammer forging is a focused manufacturing process that offers several advantages, including:

No Wasted Material:

The drop hammer process is very efficient, with little to no material waste.

Improved Strength:

Drop hammer forging can align metal grains along with potential stress locations, which improves overall strength.

Drop Hammer Forging Applications

Gears, Levers, Connecting rods, Crankshafts, Spanners,

Drop hammer forging is particularly well-suited for producing custom items with specific requirements and needs.