A team of experienced mechanical, electrical and software engineers are ready to create the customizations needed for your application. MANKOO INDIA provides auto parts manufacturers with high-quality and affordable press solutions for both metal molding and composite molding. The presses system can be used to manufacture a variety of automotive components such as exhaust systems, seatbelt retractors, wiper blades, airbags, carburetors, fuel injection sensors, gears, and bearing assemblies. Industrial hydraulic presses are also used for bonding clutch friction materials, stamping and molding. Track wheels can be formed with slide-guided or 4-row presses. With custom-pressed products, the possibilities are endless. Contact Multipress today to learn how we can help your business grow.


The versatility of press machines allows for weapon work such as loading shells, compressing fuse assemblies, molding, and assembling casings. Experienced MANKOO INDIA employees understand the need for high quality, accuracy, and reliability. Contact us today to find out how we can serve you.

Home Appliances

MANKOO INDIA Metal Forming Presses are used by companies around the world to serve the growing consumer market. Applications in the appliance industry include the manufacture of electrical components such as bearings, housings, switches, and thermostats used in electrical equipment. In addition, you can use the presses to create stamping and molding plates for items such as stoves, refrigerators, washing machines, kitchen equipment and power tools.


Agriculture remains an important part of society around the world. MANKOO INDIA is proud to serve an industry that excels in everyday global life. As in other industries, especially in agriculture, people’s lives depend on the quality and reliability of our adaptable presses. We manufacture a variety of custom hydraulic presses for use in agriculture, and our experts are ready to design and manufacture custom presses to suit your business needs. Metal formers and manufacturers manufacture a variety of parts to meet agricultural needs, including structural parts, wear parts, rails, fasteners, and clips.


With decades of experience in the manufacture of hydraulic presses, we know the importance of working with a trusted company. We believe in the product, so we stand behind it. Metal forming presses and manufacturing machines play an important role in the production of reliable components used in the aerospace industry. MANKOO INDIA provides custom hydraulic and custom press solutions for aerospace companies to effectively compete in the global market. Contact us now to find out how to build a hydraulic press that will help your business grow.


Innovative and reliable metal molding machines are very important to the medical industry. Combining our commitment to accuracy and quality with our ability to develop custom machines that meet your exact specifications, We are the perfect partner for the medical industry. Our machines have been used in the manufacture of implantable artificial joints, the assembly of medical devices, medical batteries, and cases. Other medical uses are also possible. Contact us to find out what we can do for you.

Energy Storage

Our experts design and manufacture state-of-the-art printing presses to exactly meet your specifications. MANKOO INDIA collaborates with many companies in the energy storage industry to compress fuel cell and anode and cathode blanks, deepen battery cans (steel), stretch fuel cells (masks), and flange seals. Providing a custom hydraulic press means that we can build a metalworking machine to your exact specifications. Contact us now for more information.

Compression Material

Our team create a customized hydraulic press for compressing powders or other loose particulate matter. For example, compression wheels, driven metal parts, glassware, Teflon bearing materials, ceramic products, and magnetic materials can be compressed with a pressing machine. Do you have your own compression application? MANKOO INDIA experts design and manufacture presses exactly according to your specifications.