Power presses are used in a variety of processes, such as deep drawing and piercing. In the case of deep drawing, power pressing is employed to force two or more pieces of material together by applying pressure to their surfaces. For instance, arc welding uses a high intensity torch flame to melt particles in a metal scrap so they fuse into one solid piece. Pressing on an object with great force can break it or cause severe damage if the force is so great that it exceeds the elastic limit of your materials object.

Power press is an industrial machine that helps in forming different articles like automobile parts, mechanical parts and others. The major use of power press is to make these three types of products by joining them with each other. The main uses of power presses are explained in more detail:

Deep Draw: The use of a power press to create deep draw components is an application of compressive and tensile forces. This makes the creation of such components possible in the first place because it pulls and pushes with different strengths at different areas under the process. A compression power press is ideally suited for this purpose as its action resembles that of a diamond-crusher, but actually needs more horsepower to achieve its task.

Coining: Coining refers to the process of forcing metal powders and slivers into closed die cavities, forming their shape and size. One way coining is done with a customizing power press. This process requires high-voltage electrical applications in addition to inputting the precise powder and liquid amounts – other methods of coining don't always allow for this level of control, so this type of machine is an asset when it comes to making precise, uniform parts that are also lightweight.

Forming: A power press machine is a type of equipment that can be used for forming. It is used for manufacturing products such as electrical housings and medical batteries. Power presses are complex pieces of machinery, which are usually large in size to allow for a lot of weight.

Piercing: Power presses are used for punching and cutting metal in a variety of ways. This is done with the use of a C-frame power press, which is a frame that stands up on its own. A power press, also referred to as a press machine or die set, can be used to make holes, drills or punches in various materials such as steel and cast iron. The power press also helps to form a thin sheet into various shapes.