A C-frame press is a commonly used type of hydraulic press. C-frame presses are designed to have a smaller footprint than other metalworking machines, yet offer high utility and minimal stroke variation. Like other hydraulic presses, C-frame presses are extremely versatile and can be used for many applications in a variety of industries. While design variations may exist, all MULTIPRESS machines are designed to operate manually or automatically, allowing for low or high volume production options. In general, C-frame presses can also be fitted with a variety of tools that enable bending, stamping, cutting, or straightening applications. In addition to the open space inherent in the design and the option to operate manually or automatically, C-frame presses offer manufacturers many other advantages, including:

Minimal Footprint: C-frame presses generally have a smaller footprint than most other hydraulic presses (such as 4-post presses) due to their narrow, strong C-shaped frame.
Ease of Use and Efficiency: The press design minimizes stroke deviation, makes work easier to access, increases open area, and benefits working approaches.
Access Points: With three access points to the operating area, the C-frame press makes mold maintenance and adjustments easier, as well as scrap metal and finished part removal.
Inexpensive: This type of press is generally cheaper than other types of hydraulic presses.

The C-frame press is said to be the king of all presses because it can handle large loads and small components. An aerospace manufacturer might use the C-frame press for pressing an aluminum forged part into an airplane. Conversely, a ceramic dinnerware manufacturer might use this kind of press for putting together a crystal chandelier. In the end, you'll find many purposes for this type of press in industrial settings. You'll get strong equipment if you turn to us, and we can guarantee 100% quality no matter what your project is. If you want to learn more about our services, visit our website today.